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JCWG officially registered in March 2004 is the outcome of many years of activism by some Juhu residents who have been associated with other NGO groups. It was formed in April 2002 (The Juhu Seatizen) and later formalised in August 2003 with its own monthly publication called: 'The Juhu Citizen', and its own website: www.juhucitzen.org. It now comprises voluntary Members invited from NGOs in the K-West Municipal Ward of North West Mumbai who meet every Thursday evening at the Office of Janki Kutir Residents Association, Juhu Church Road, (near Prithvi Theater), Juhu, Mumbai 400 049.
This is a citizens movement with objects as follows:
1 to unite Members, to encourage social contacts, support other citizens in a non-denominational all inclusive manner, for breitling replica good action, good governance, social well being and to promote Justice and protect Civil rights.
2 to promote, establish and setup systems which are lacking due to inaction by statutory, regulatory and governmental bodies.
3 to act as an NGO primarily to take up jobs like garbage removal, removal of unauthorized structures and pavement squatters, problems with sewage, water and aminities which the statutory bodies are not solving.
4 to arrange meetings, debates and lectures, etc., even with other NGOs, to enhance living standards, a clean environment, good citizenship and high ethical standards.
5 to represent in courts of law and before governmental bodies / agencies, the rights and interests of citizens of India in general, and residents of Mumbai and Juhu in particular.
JCWG does not support 'sectarianism', self-promotion, feudal setup, complainers and the 'how awful crowd'. JCWG looks for leaders with creative thinking and ability to solve problems efficiently within the legal system. Fixing the crime rather than hanging the criminal is the motto. Building efficient systems by putting relentless pressure on the bureaucracy is the method. Membership is by invitation only.

Currently, the Activists are putting their hands in their own pockets to meet day to day expenses. A small income is received from the advertisments in the monthly publication. However as you can imagine, this is not adequate, especially when costs of litigation are considered. We therefore solicit donations from concerned citizens and corporates. Crossed cheques may please be sent to our above office address (c/o Office of Janki Kutir Residents Association, Juhu Church Road, (near Prithvi Theater), Juhu, Mumbai 400 049.) favoring Juhu Citizens Welfare Group
JCWG is registered as follows:
Reg. No.: MAH / 514 / 2004
Tax Exemption No.: DIT(E) / MC / 80-G / 2578 / 2006 / 2006-07
Postal Address: Juhu Citizens Welfare Group
Ground Floor, Society Office,
Oceanus Apartments, Greenfield Estate,
A. B. Nayar Road, Opp. Juhu Post Office,
Mumbai - 400 049.
Receipts will be mailed out promptly to the donor.

We are looking for committed activists with an excellent track record. If you are supportive of our activities and philosophy, send us your:

  • Contact details,
  • Profile,
  • List of your civic activities in breitling replica the past two years, and
  • Committement to spend atleast ten hours a week for JCWG.
You may email anyone in our 'Contact List'.
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